First day at Uni

I must confess I have spent more time learning how to use this blog than working my own assessment. I have found this quite complicated.

On the other hand, I have read some of my classmates’ profiles and I am quite impressed about the amount of working mums who have decided to get a degree, you all inspire me.

The best for you!








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Assessment 2 Steps 7-9

Hi all

I have not finished my Word document yet so I have notes all around my spreadsheet. Your feedback is really appreciate.

Step 7: Ass 2 Part 7 Draft 3

Step 8-9: Ratios V001

Feedback sheet courtesy of Maddie:  Peer feedback sheet – ASS#2 Step 10

Thanks in advance




1.Bronte Swift


Spreadsheet Bronte Swift Spreadsheet

2. Rebecca Nielsen 


Spreadsheet rebecca-nielsen-s0011273-company-spreadsheet-2017-step-7-10

3. Sarah Wells


Spreadsheet Sarah Wells spreadsheet


Restating my Financial Statement-First Draft

Hi all

Finally I have finished my first draft.

I found this task quite difficult and I have to use Google most of the time to look for the meaning of  most of the concepts that I already looked for when I was doing  my Financial Statement and for some reason they don’t stick in my head.

Balance sheet

I started with the balance sheet as I though will be the easiest one. Doing this statement I experience problems with two things.

1- How to classify “assets classified as held for sale”. At the beginning I thought they were operational assets but after a research I concluded they are financial assets. Why? In simple words, I cannot use these assets in operation anymore.

2- Cash distribution. As my company has a considerable amount of cash I had to do the distribution. I decided to allocate 1% to operating assets and the rest to financial assets. At the beginning I was quite confusing and I used the revenue. Finally I realised I should use the I should use the rendering of services.

Financial Performance 

The most difficult task here was to wrap my head about the tax concept. My company paid in total 18.5 millions in taxes. However, I needed to figure out  how much of that amount paid was related to each activity (financial or operating). Doing the exercise helps me understand the concept read on Chapter 4  more revenue, more taxes.

Movements in Equity

In this case Amy’s example was not very useful as my  statement is totally different. Here my principal weaknesses was my poor and limited accounting vocabulary. I had to check each concept such as hedging reserve or capital redemption reserve over and over to understand what kind of activity was.

Please find attached my spreadsheet and the feedback sheet.

S0218661_Spreadsheet_Restated – Final (First Attempt-unsuccessful)

S0218661_Spreadsheet_Restated – Final2 (Fourth Attempt-unsuccesful)

Feedback sheet

Restating my financial statement Part 5 – Revenge.

After my fifth attempt  I finally got the numbers balanced.

Please find my spreadsheet below:

Restatment – for final review – V00– Please use this version for revision (Feedback)

Issues and Concerns

Feedback sheet

Thanks in advance


Feedback Provided

1. Feedback for Katrina Brown

Spreadsheet formation-group-Katrina

Feedback Feedback Katrina Brown

2. Feedback for Heidi McCormick

Spreadsheet Heidi McCormick

Feedback Heidi McCormick

3. Feedback for Kristy Taylor Smith

Spreadsheet Kristy Taylor Smith

Feedback Kristy Taylor-Smith


Hi all

Here is the first analysis for my company Go-Ahead group. It is a really interesting company and I feel I started to understand the balance sheet now I have to able to articulate my thoughts properly.

My company at the first glance

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